Wednesday 3rd February 2016

MobilePay Online INFO: Problems with some credit cards affecting MobilePay DK

INFO: Problems with some credit cards affecting MobilePay DK

Since 15:15 CET some of the banks in Denmark have had problems with their credit card systems. This means that people with credit cards issued from those banks are unable to use them, including in MobilePay.

We have been monitoring the situation since we discovered the problems around 15:30 CET although transaction levels through MobilePay have been almost normal. However, we are seeing continued increase in the use of MobilePay over the last 2 hours (indicating more and more people turning to MobilePay due to problems with their cards). As NETS are reporting problems with these banks are not solved yet, we expect more and more people turn to MobilePay with some of them having their credit cards rejected in MobilePay too.

Therefore, please be advised that there currently is an unusual high number of users who are getting errors when attempting to transfer money in MobilePay. For most users though, MobilePay is working as normal.

Venlig hilsen / Kind regards Kristian Dorph-Petersen

Mobile Ecosystems Danske Bank